Celebrating International Women’s Day at Connect Derby

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Today marks International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the social, economic, and cultural achievements of women.

It is a day to recognise the progress made towards gender equality and to highlight the ongoing work that still needs to be done.

In honour of this day, we are thrilled to showcase the incredible work carried out by our predominantly female team.

The 16 strong Connect Derby team are a skilled and experienced, predominantly female group comprising of operations managers, business development managers, customer service assistants and accountants.

Their principal aim is to ensure Connect Derby delivers the highest possible levels of service to tenants across its six managed workspaces and the wider business community in the city who use its additional services, including meeting and conference facilities.

Connect Derby’s female management team succeed in navigating the difficult task of delivering a commercial model to the private sector within the confines of public sector government and decision-making – a task that undoubtedly presents a number of challenges.

This requires a delicate balance of business expertise, strategic thinking, and adaptability throughout the team.

The Connect Derby team demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities and a strategic vision in driving success in a complex environment. They successfully balance the needs of both public and private sectors while fostering collaboration across the team and serve as an inspiration to all women in the workplace.

The team recently demonstrated outstanding leadership in their role supporting Rolls-Royce, the University of Derby and Nuclear AMRC to bring the exciting new Nuclear Skills Academy to the iHub innovation centre on Infinity Park.

The new Academy will ensure new apprentices have access to the best courses and mentors throughout their apprenticeship. It is anticipated that the NSA will train 200 apprentices each year for 10 years, creating a dedicated pipeline of young talent for this fast-growing sector.

The team worked closely with Rolls-Royce, the University of Derby and Nuclear AMRC to provide a home for the Nuclear Skills Academy and worked creatively to find alternative fit-for-purpose locations to rehouse the existing iHub businesses.

The management team at Connect Derby exemplify the spirit of International Women’s Day, demonstrating determination and resilience in all situations. 

They are an excellent example of female leadership in the workplace, delivering a commercial model to the private sector within the confines of public sector governance and decision making.

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